Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

A full-service Entertainment company that provides special services covering all major sectors of the business of entertainment.

The greatest asset is the ability to discover the best content and artistry and to produce the content for a fraction of what it cost major conglomerates.

The AEG Executive Team are comprised of professionals who have worked in areas such as Content Development, Entertainment Property,Artist Development and Management while offering a unique blend of experience that spans the field of the Entertainment Industry, including Film, TV, Radio, Music, Merchandising, Recording, Software & Video Game Development, Publishing and Placements for over twenty-five years.

Our strengths lie in the ability to acquire and deliver original, dynamic content, along with the necessary business support services that increase’s opportunities for global success.

AEG CORPORATION Entertainment and associated brand companies engage and captivates the audiences by developing unique, inventive and exceptional concepts.

Aeg specializes in growth strategy development, transaction support and operations improvement.

Our insights, clarity, and advice achieve high-impact results for clients including:
TV (cable channels, national and local broadcast, satellite, IPTV, production), ISPs, advertising, film (studios, cinemas, retail), video games, gambling, sports, live entertainment, site-based entertainment, Internet media companies, music, radio, newspapers, magazines, licensed consumer products, and many other areas.

We help our clients meet the challenge of new technologies that are reshaping pricing, business models, and competition.