Management Advice

AEG Corporation is a management consulting firm comprised of highly experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable industry experts. As trusted advisors to our clients, we frame, simplify and solve complex and multi-dimensional operational and technical challenges.

A Full Service Management Consulting Firm

AEG COrporation is an independent, full service management consulting firm specializing in the insurance, industries, banking and healthcare industries.

Our spectrum of services covers strategy development, operations design and improvement, IT and sourcing for the industries we serve. With deep industry knowledge, real-world experience, and AEG proprietary tools and methods, we can help you accelerate growth and improve service, quality and financial performance.

Change Management

The business world today is facing a new reality, one of economic unpredictability, disruptive technology, globalization, and unprecedentedly fierce competition. In such an environment, the traditional ways of achieving a competitive advantage—such as scale and proprietary assets—are no longer enough. The ability of a company to address these new realities, adapt to the changing conditions, and deliver bold change is increasingly critical to gain competitive advantage. That means more comprehensive—and more frequent—change programs. Many boards have appointed CEOs and senior executives with that explicit mandate, and almost all leaders recognize the need to take even successful enterprises to new levels of performance.
And executives need to understand the stumbling blocks that cause transformation efforts to fail. In global surveys, two factors are increasingly recognized as the leading causes of failure:

A lack of clearly defined milestones and objectives to gauge progress
Insufficient commitment by senior management
Success requires overcoming these challenges head-on, through a comprehensive and structured change effort that includes the right mix of processes, governance, metrics, and behaviors.

Moreover, building superior and lasting change capabilities has become a competitive advantage. Companies that are ready, willing, and able to face the challenges of change initiatives are better equipped to manage new changes over time.


We help our clients develop strategies designed to grow revenue, consolidate market share, differentiate in the marketplace and expand product lines and distribution channels. Using our industry experience and expertise, we help you operationalize your strategies to achieve success.

Process Innovation

AEG comprehensive process innovation consulting services include process design, business and technology requirements, business/technology integration, analytics integration, and process performance measurement. We don’t just make recommendations, we help our clients implement changes and adopt the most appropriate technologies using fact-based needs analysis. The results are seamless process/technology integration, a process maturity management model, improved productivity and service, and reduced operational costs.